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I sleep upside down
You'll find me laying in the guest bed
Or picking flowers with the undead
But i'll die like a man this time
On sludge ground sit and pretend
Over the top we chant the old lie
For king and country every man cries
I've made peace with the barbed wire's teeth
Holy river is making tidal waves
A man saves only those who can't escape
Before the lungs fill with lead
And yet i have no plans for then
Nothing but dust between the ears
No burning coals revived to watch the sides
Of sleeping boys who paid with their lives
So they could stay out later
In every dreamless night
A burning dream so bad your soft light
Pushing against our bodies upright
A line drawn between me and your childhood memories
Despite unsound frame of mind
Declared aloud and out of time
Our noble generals sleep just fine
While we strive to meet a fate of great uncertainty
Put on the spot, can't force your way around a writers block
Yet i've been thinking a lot of twisted thoughts
I wanna know if this is what they call shell shock
Don't let me down, fresh out of breath from many silent walks
From the river reel in the meanest of the mean
The cure for what they call shell shock


from Sirs EP, released October 3, 2013


tags: punk


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