by Sirs

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Sirs self title debut full length album released by Topshelf Records on July 3, 2012


released July 3, 2012


tags: punk


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Early Riser
Early Riser, you're lots of laughs
you're suicidal
why do you keep your house so cold?
your fear of communication leaves us at square one

But he's better off at least in his mind
knives tap his bedroom window
when he sleeps he screams
Track Name: Parading
we don't get much sleep
we just smash clocks tick ing away
we know something's hidden
somethings hidden
she's off biting tongues and tails
she's gonna get what's coming
get what's coming to her
tree born snakes they make for the water
hissing murder murder murder murder
Hammers pounding our front doors
we're gonna get what's hidden
get what's hidden
Pigs keep running away
we'll keep them running away
from axes chopping away
our axes swinging
Holes keep digging away
we'll keep digging away
we'll put these pigs in their graves
diamonds line the interstate for a thousand reasons
crafty hand built car bombs ticking away
parading i've seen too much parading
hand build car bombs ticking away
constantly whistling sounds only babies and dogs can hear
unseen tumors leave us wasting away
silent violent
Hey! we're in the back yard bathing in smoke
listening to music that our friends made
Track Name: King's English
What a reaction to keeping our eyeballs clean
a sorry description of explorers that shake our movie screens
in silence it's scientists that keep our cousins locked in cages
hold on
walk on two legs, kick our doors in, grab your rifles, keep it quiet

We keep digging bones in the desert
we keep going back to hell
blow ourselves to hell
we keep going back

Better believe in burial ground ceremonies
My how time flies

Building weapons to blow ourselves to hell
Track Name: Backscratcher
giving it time
waiting on bomb shells
disrupting our pleasantries
sleeping in trenches
we're restless

standing in line
caught up in frustrations
the coming years are sure
to change our minds
seeing dead friends in picture frames
and giving the condemned the final word

undertakers whistling their hearts out
their hearts out
undertakers burning gates to keep the robbers coming in

the one who blows the whistle makes the call
he kills them all

back scratcher back scratcher lend me your hand
the mornings seem surely the best times to be alive
news paper news paper tell me your rhymes
for many fine days we had faith in the words
of the rats in the sky

girl you got words bleeding out your eyes i swear
well your days are numbered sadly
we're breathing in the weekend
Living someone else's life
with someone else's words
peering through cracks in doorways
they wont see how we'll get them there
we're making noises
for those blind boys to follow

keep watch our golden owl
with eyes as big as the statue
that holds our blue balloons
bearded men march in single file
sporting rifles laughing loud
to catch the foxes where they may roam

she doesn't think to look around anymore
she'll just do what she's told
Track Name: Like Father, Like Son
Mighty fine time to give me advice on fixing the broken
pushing buttons hoping sounds will jump out and attack us
Track Name: Eye For An Answer
stop it
keep walking
we're told by, we're screamed at
by our instincts, we're gonna lose
make your friends
and sleep on empty promises
comparing battle scars
callous your fingers
digging tunnels in the earth
exploring wormholes
breath in a new kind of air
just keep your axes with you
cause we're gonna build it up
and we're gonna tear it down
you don't see me
when your veins are bleeding out
all over pick-pocketed letters
she's swallowing
folding in under pressure
there's bruises on my thighs
from beating them with my fists
stop it

read those same three words articulate
sour faces under lampshades
spread it around
take an eye for an answer
making tinder from telephone poles
calling all horses to town for the masters of our senses
get angry when their trumpets blow
nothing but hot air and spit
we're making headway
sleeping on spikes
accepting favors from preachers
for pennies and prayers
that you've never believed in
but you may someday believe it
your bitter judgements get me down
your better judgement gets me
Track Name: Crossbows and Arrows
coughing convulsions
a phrase to break the silence
wrapped in the grasp of oxygen
it's in our heads
forgive me you angel
you lost city

blind interpretation

faces suffocating dying
like your mother said she was
stillborn of an ocean liner
whiteface island jet-setter
forgotten porcelain goddess
i still know how to bite

headfirst we're jumping out of planes
parachutes tied knots wrapped in celophane
dancing in the shadows send me to hell for stepping on your toes
either way we're aware so why the fuck should we care

force fed to my continent
like a cancer patient
follow the suitcases charged to carry something
our heaviest hammers and chisels
our strongest crossbows and arrows
dances to show us around the towns that we've lived in

goddess forgotten
Track Name: Left To Our Own Devices
feels like on the road i'm laughing
about everything thats happening
i bet you can't guess where i'm from

whiner, he's stealing my tongue
well thank god i'm still young
a stow-away I'm jumping ship
and earning my keep

left alone reaching for
could it be your face in the dark
staring straight through solid walls
midnight marathon's dream applause
in the village is nothing but graves

sorry hands shaping stone tools
conquering left and right, our bodies
caught between leaves and all sorts of debris
they said were the buildings they couldn't decide

well so what if my shoes are broken in
and my old lungs stop breathing in
still my keen eyes keep on seeing what is going on
I'm a sailor singing ocean songs
Reading lines by candle light

We go our separate ways
stomping old photographs
in the grass so I can make
our old days what I say

captains killing time feeling parallel lines
stalking silhouettes two or three abreast
The sweetest talking man never stood a chance
sail around the world sitting on your hands

house hides car
ant eats house
boy burns ant
car kills boy