by Sirs

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released October 10, 2011

Thank you Dave Benton, Nick Corbo, Alkis Meimaris, Dan Drake, Mike Ditrio, Elise Granata, Cameron Wisch, Kevin and Seth From Topshelf Records, Holy Roar Records, Jamie McDonald, Spook Houses, Weird Korea, Cattle Drums, The Stood


tags: punk


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Track Name: Bering Straight
scaffolding alive and dripping
smoke follows a flash of lightning

and we sighed as the weather climbed this fortress hill
along came the rain and swept this highway down to scale
the rain came to penetrate its about time

we sink
we're sinking to the bottom of the river
its about time i felt scared
creature thinks so too
this child's play always proved too much for you
my blood is dripping
oh the energy of this weather

it comes to lay it all to rest
Track Name: Buzzard Kill (River)
this time last night
my bandages came off

oh yes the pain is real
the crying all the more and more degrading
feel the numbness in my throat
just stop your bleeding
stop your screaming

sew your wicked lips
and press your face against the fabric

a casualty of war
a parasite upon the open road
just feel the numbness in my throat

trapped in a time machine
studying vocabulary
passing the day with porcelain dolls for company
no it's not easy
substituting food for pharmaceuticals
training my lungs to breath in carbon dioxide

trapped in a time machine
training my lungs to breath in