by Sirs

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released January 3, 2011

Sirs tracks recorded by Hart Seely, written by Sirs, thanks to all our friends and family and bova.


tags: punk


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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Track Name: Numero 7
NO i wont go out tonight
i'm happy dreamin thinking wandering i dont know
my mind aint but a shallow pond
and my ideas are all the same oh i dont know

but you caught me quick
our hands got mixed up breakin bottles happy news
following the streetlights now
you're holding my arm talking walking stumbling
everywhere we go

meeting the pavement every night
and tripping over wooden stumps
so full of nails i see my smile
so many times i've said the wrong thing
yet i still got a warm place i can bury my eyes late at night

No we're never done
we don't bother giants anymore
Track Name: Beaver Fever
lets face it we're dead
thank you
and i don't know why i'm waiting on the first signs
when there's so much shit
going on at one time

our bodies erode like chalk
and growing like vines
saying hurry hurry up
making ladders up the sides
for the wolves to climb
eating blind children
blind child

ooh ooh

for nights now your toe nails cut me open
and you're bed sheets make me thirsty
and we only drink dirty water
thats beaver fever

the white girls
black shirt it
gets us excited!
keeps us excited!
gets us excited!
gets us excited!


black tar mine
sticky sticky sticky fun
there's no need
those glassy bubbles
tear my feet

(and so we go on living happily)
only to know that
years from now we'll see each other around
and laugh in each others faces